Libby Williams

Firstly welcome to my website. I’m so honoured that you are here in this space and are interested enough to read my about page.

I’m a 31 year old wife, and mother of one gorgeous little girl, as I write this she is just a tiny baby still.

Other then these things I am a naturopath BHSc. (NAT), a shiatsu massage therapist, a nature spiritualist, and a natural clairsentient and channel of spiritual healing light.

I live a joy filled life. I have buckets of love, a gorgeous family, a gorgeous home and a healthy body.

This hasn’t always been my experience. There are times when I’ve hated my environment, when I hated my job. There have been times when I’ve felt poor, and times when depression, extreme stress and unhealthy addictions were my daily companions.

Of course I still have off days, and trying moments, after all I’m only human.

I’m still learning, we all are.  Life is all about the journey.

I write this blog to share share some love, spread some joy and inspire joy in you.

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Health, and indeed all of life, is comprised of a trinity; Mind, Body and Spirit. Likewise my blog is divided into a trinity of categories.


Health and Healing is about the body.

Goddess and Spirit is all things spirit.

Life and Lifestyle, is about the mind, and looking after the mind, and pleasing the mind.


Why I’m here, doing this:

Raised in a rather strict catholic environment, as a 14 year old I discovered I felt much more spiritual in nature then I did in any church.

At 18 stayed up all night to see the sun rise from the light house in Byron Bay and I realised we are all one.

Curiously, at the age of 20, as I lived in a tent off Belongil in Byron Bay, I discovered I had a rather exceptional talent for seeking out knots and sore spots on my massage volunteers and then kneading them out. Read more about this here. Several years later, this curiosity brought me to earn a diploma in Shiatsu Therapy from The Shiatsu School of WA. That was eight years ago and I’ve been giving deeply therapeutic Shiatsu Massages ever since.

Later, my passion for nutrition was fueled by the notion that eating a beautiful meal prepared and shared in a loving way was like eating love, literally.  Since childhood I’ve felt a strong  power and connection in nature. The idea that I could use herbs and food for healing lit me up from the inside. My desire to share knowledge and help people embrace health led me to complete a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathic Medicine from Endeavour College of Natural Health in 2013.

I was drawn to study nutrition in order to discover the best, healthiest and most perfect way of eating. I was sure that once I found the right diet, ate all the right meals, I would have a beautiful body, be thin, be perfect, be happy. 6 years later and I realise it’s not entirely about the food. Read about my weight loss story here.

I have a mountain of food and cooking knowledge to share with you to help you experience vibrant energy and glowing skin.  I want to use my herbal skills to help you enjoy better living. Because when you are at your healthiest, wonderful things happen. You have energy to get on with what’s really important. You feel joy. You feel gratitude. You can get on with the next thing in your life and fulfill your potential, whether that’s in your work life, in your relationships, renovating your house, raising stable and happy children, gaining spiritual fulfillment, whatever it is that you want. Good health is paramount to you getting there and feeling satisfied.

I’m scientifically trained, and I live by the naturopathic dictum First Do No Harm. All prescriptions are backed by peer reviewed scientific trials.

I also work with the light. I read tarot and I read your energy field and converse with your spirit guides.  I do this because I can, it’s a natural gift. If you can relate to this, fabulous. If not I don’t expect you to understand it, or even like it.

If you have judgments or just don’t gel with energy healing, psychic readings and messages from your spirit guides then I bless you on your path and also ask that you please don’t judge other naturopaths as ‘woo-woo’ or not based in reality. Naturopathy as I was trained is strictly science based and increasingly more regulated. There are many quality naturopaths out there who get fantastic results with pure medical science.

As I mentioned before, I believe health encompasses mind body and spirit. Theses three aspects work synergistically with each other. I can’t ignore the ‘spirit’ part of it, and if you have seen and experienced what I have, you wouldn’t ignore it either. So not only can I help you address nutritional deficiencies and treat your ills with natural, gentle herbs, I’ll also help you energise your chakras and balance your meridians, because that’s what I’m about.

Currently I’m on maternity leave, and absolutely loving it. So right now I’m not taking any new clients. I write about whatever I find inspiring. I look for the magic. I’m all about self-improvement and continual evolution, and I pursue a peaceful, healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. I wish this for you also.


Love and Blessings


Libby xx


Libby with her daughter in her garden