When worry and anxiety takes a hold this soothing concoction will calm your nerves. It’s also wonderful for aiding the onset of sleep.

A good pinch of lavender

A good pinch of chamomile flowers

A good pinch of lemon balm (I used fresh but dry is also available)

Steep for 5 – 10 minutes in hot but not boiling water. Strain and stir with the intention of calm. Inhale the aroma, sip gently.


Written by Libby Williams BHSc. (Nat)
Libby is a Naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist with heartfelt focus in womens health, addiction and mental illness. She aims to help her clients live their best lives symptom free. Libby holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathic Medicine from the Endeavour College of Natural Health. In the teeny amount of spare time available after mothering two little ones and wifing one man, Libby enjoys writing, her South Fremantle garden, finding peace and creating beauty. A meditation enthusiast and nature spirit at heart, Libby is happiest when surrounded by trees, flowers and her loved ones.

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