It’s a challenge balancing my creative desires with mothering. So much of what I was before is lost behind mountains of laundry, feeds and cleaning up after my precious precious child who is the very salt of my earth.


This time of year, when the seasons change the air feels magic. Can you feel it. A feeling that makes me long to be more connected then I am. to celebrate life more.


Today I gathered Evie in my arms and before going out for some afternoon chores decided to go into the garden, breathe some fresh air.


I acknowledged the elements of each direction and blessed our afternoon with smooth sailing. I blessed our afternoon that all may be well. I gave open gratitude for the joy and abundance and health we enjoy in our family.


My afternoon was indeed smooth. It was like a running green light. Best of all though I felt connected. I felt like myself. I was whole and happy and open to more wholeness. My afternoon became effortless. This is a stark contrast to days where I don’t make this time and I feel not quite fulfilled.

Mornings of motherhood can quickly turn to afternoons and then become evenings where I just flop on the couch, overjoyed to have some time to rest, but to lazy or just plain exhausted to do anything that really feeds my soul.


It feels like effort to make some sacred space and connect, but I invariably find that after I do make the effort I am so much more energised. My happiness levels are up and inner peace more prominent. I know how I prefer to be.


Written by Libby Williams BHSc. (Nat)
Libby is a Naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist with heartfelt focus in womens health, addiction and mental illness. She aims to help her clients live their best lives symptom free. Libby holds a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathic Medicine from the Endeavour College of Natural Health. In the teeny amount of spare time available after mothering two little ones and wifing one man, Libby enjoys writing, her South Fremantle garden, finding peace and creating beauty. A meditation enthusiast and nature spirit at heart, Libby is happiest when surrounded by trees, flowers and her loved ones.

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