Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a clothed massage performed on a futon

Shiatsu is a clothed massage performed on a futon

Libby is currently on maternity leave and is not available for shiatsu massage or naturopathic consults.


Shiatsu massage is perfect if you are sore, tired, stressed and in need of some respite and relief.
Shiatsu is a deeply therapeutic and divinely relaxing Japanese acupressure massage based on the same principles as acupuncture.
The bodywork involves a deep tissue massage and stretching techniques that are designed to restore a healthy flow of chi and have you feeling calm and peaceful.
Shiatsu soothes your nervous system and supports healing while relieving muscle tension and stress. Enjoy restored vitality in body, mind and spirit.

Shiatsu is about bringing you back into balance

and best of all will help you feel healthy, peaceful and whole.

Shiatsu involves deep tissue massage and stretching

Shiatsu involves deep tissue massage and stretching

  • Reduce stress
  • Ease aches and pains
  • Induce relaxation
  • Stimulate lymphatic drainage
  • Increase energy and promote a sense of wellbeing
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Produce more restful sleep
  • Relieve headaches
  • Improve concentration and mental clarity
  • Feel a greater sense of contentment


The massage is performed on a low futon while you are dressed in loose comfortable clothing, much like what you would wear to yoga

Shiatsu Massage, South Fremantle

The Shiatsu Garden Studio, South Fremantle

Practicing at a very zen garden studio in South Fremantle (address on application).

 Phone: 0411395933 or email:


Read about my rather mystic introduction to massage as a healing tool and what motivates me as a massage therapist in my blog ‘Why Shiatsu?’

Full Body Zen Shiatsu Massage

1 hr  $80  1.5 hours $120

If you are not feeling radiantly peaceful after your massage and are in any way dissatisfied just tell Libby and she’ll happily refund your money :-)

Shiatsu Facial Massage

A Shiatsu facial massage concentrates on acupressure points in your face, neck and shoulders that lift and tone your facial muscles while improving circulation.The increased circulation brings colour and nutrition for your cells through increased blood supply and hydration to your face. Working on specials points on the face firms and tones, tightening and brightening.

Are you a grinder, a clencher? It is surprising how much tension you hold in your jaw, a shiatsu facial brings welcome relief to tension you may not be aware you even have.

The facial is all about the massage rather then the products. I use the gorgeously gentle, natural and locally made Mother Earth Aromatherapy range.  These products are crafted of pure, beautifying ingredients, straight from nature and thoroughly good enough to eat, (I’m serious, you can eat them!). They smell divine and are a perfect complement to the Shiatsu facial.


40 minute Shiatsu Massage with 20 minute facial: $90


1.5 Hour Shiatsu Massage including 20 Minute Facial Massage: $120


30 Min Facial with neck and shoulder massage: $60



Several days ago, I had the pleasure of enjoying a wonderful shiatsu massage with Libby. By nature I am an anxious person who worries about the silliest things, so I typically feel quite tense and rarely feel fully relaxed. Libby asked me a little about myself upon arrival and had me complete a checklist to identify issues as these, no doubt to ascertain where to focus her massage. The massage itself exceeded my expectations – I came away feeling less stressed and a lot lighter in mood (even my friends who I met for lunch afterwards commented on this).  I prefer a strong pressure during massages and Libby duly obliged. In all, I would highly recommend Libby Shiatsu. As an aside, parking was very easy .  I have enjoyed many massages over the years – Swedish massages, Chinese massages, hot stone massages and therapeutic massages – and Libby’s Shiatsu ranks up there with the best of them. I love strong massages and Libby duly obliged – I could still feel the next day where she had exerted that most welcome pressure, and released some of that tension that I constantly suffer. Perhaps what I liked most was that Libby had really listened to me when she asked about any problem areas (tension in my neck and shoulders) and it was these areas that she devoted her attentions to. I would highly recommend anyone who is suffering stress, anxiety, tension…or who just wants to treat themselves to a wonderful massage, to visit Libby Shiatsu! – Lara Daebritz

WOW! I returned home from my glorious shiatsu massage and facial this afternoon feeling like I was floating on a cloud. I have had severe shoulder and lower back pain i nthe past week an dyou have worked absolute magic Libby.  What a relaxing, decadent experience and service you provide. Thank you so much I will most certainly be back again. – Claire Baker[/quote]

Thank you Libby for my beautiful full body shiatsu and facial. Your ever-present gentle spirtit provided the relaxation my body and mind were seeking.

As you opened my energy channels, I could feel the blocks releasing and my body coming back to life. Your firm but nurturing pressure urged my stubborn habits from their long held comfort zones, thus relieving me of their pain and stress.

My body feels quite different to when I first walked through your door. It feels very light and my spirits feel rejuvenated. I realise that this is the true essence of my body, and that it is simply saying “thank you.” I will certainly be honoring my body from now on by providing it with the gift of your shiatsu.

This little act of pampering has been wonderful Libby, my heart is full of gratitude. Marg Kinneen,


After my Shiatsu massage with Libby my tension melted away.’ ‘Libby has an amazing gift. As soon as she begins, you are surrounded as if by a warm hug.’ ‘With a combination of firm, but gentle pressure, Libby worked the tangled knots from my back, neck & shoulders.’ ‘This is by far the best massage I’ve had.’ ‘If your looking for a wonderful facial, then let Libby give u a Shiatsu Facial.’ ‘It was a truly beautiful feeling & my skin felt clean, smooth & soft.’ ‘Gorgeous products & the ideal companion to a full body massage.’ ‘I’m going to recommend Libby to everyone, even though I’d like to keep her all to myself – Jodie Watts


Libby was great. She helped me to relax and unwind by loosening up the tight muscle around my shoulder. She has a passion to help people to be healed. I have been suffering from jaw pain for about 7 years. She gave me a facial massage which helped to reduce the tightness around my jaw. Give her a try. You will not regret it! – May Kim




I love having a massage but I usually go for the normal head, back and shoulders covered in oil on a massage table. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a shiatsu massage, I understand that it applied pressure but wasn’t sure if it would be enough for me to feel like I had really been massaged.

My visit to Libby was enough to allay any fears I had about about a Shiatsu massage not being satisfying for all that pressure and tension we build up in our every day lives. I came out of it believing that it is an excellent solution for busy parents!  The massage was a different experience for me, you arrive in comfortable clothes and lie down on a comfortable futon which enables Libby to use her weight and move around your body in ways that wouldn’t be possible on a normal massage table. The massage itself is an all over one which uses pressure points and flowing hand movements to disperse tensions within your body in combination with some stretching movements, it almost a combination of a little bit of physio with some remedial massage as Libby finds any troublesome spots you may have and works on them – Donna




I have had a lot of massage sessions before this. Infact before this session i was a big fan of oil based massage but after today it has changed forever. There is no awkwardness of being unclothed , no uneasy cover up moments.Libby applied gentle but firm pressure with her hands and feet which created a unique method which i had never experienced before. I guess she intuitively knew the tension areas in my back neck legs and arms, and relieved my body of the welled up tension. From the moment I entered the room till the end I was totally feeling at ease. Libby herself has quite a comely sweet personality. She really made me comfortable and broke the ice by chatting a little bit about me and herself. I was really inquisitive and asked many questions about her career , her experience etc and she happily answered them all. Later as we started the session she asked me to lie down on the futon mat, which was extremely comfortable ( planning to buy one for home too) and soft. I felt as if i was transported to some other world. There was relaxing music playing  which really aided in enhancing the ambience of the room. – Zilehuma



I asked for a firm massage as I hold a lot of tension in my shoulders and Libby customised my massage to focus her attention here. The shoulder massage was so thorough that I came out feeling a little sore there and could still feel it the next day – good sore like after a strenuous workout when you haven’t done any exercise for a while.

Libby also treated my whole body to gentle stretching and firm pressure followed by soothing rubs and strokes. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, whether you need some stress relief or even as a great treat! Thanks Libby, I really needed it! The combination of firm and gentle pressure was nice. The room was beautifully decorated, low lit with a scented candle and tranquil music. A very relaxing atmosphere. – Lori